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2022 Ski-Doo Backcountry X

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The 2022 Backcountry X delivers a premiere 50/50 crossover sled with a combination of precise, responsive trail handling and effortless off-trail prowess. Riders can surgically dissect trails or dive into tight tree lines and shred untracked powder.

Ski-Doo-2017-rMotion-right_12-New Rotax Engines
 850 E-TEC & 600R E-TEC

Backcountry sleds are powered by your choice of two industry-leading Rotax 2-stroke. Each offers instant response, breathtaking acceleration and seamless power to go with a sterling reputation for reliability.




KYB Shocks
 Pro-level shocks

These shocks are standard on the MXZx 600RS race sled - so you know they're extremely capable and durable for control in the toughest conditions. Remote reservoir design for performance and they are a rebuildable/revalvable. Easy Adjust compression damping knob does not require tools; rebound adjustments are standard as well.



HPG-PLUS-R-FRONT_RenegadeXRear Suspension
 The bar just got raised - again

Next level control, comfort and capability on the trail. Built upon the same rising-rate motion ratio principles as the original rMotion suspension, and then some. Redesigned with more travel for unmatched bump absorbing capability and comfort. Longer front arm with exclusive adjustable angle design ideally mates with the RAS X front suspension creating superior cornering and the precise handling Ski-Doo snowmobiles are legendary for.


HPG-PLUS-R-FRONT_RenegadeXFront Suspension
 Crossover precision

Similar geometry and steering to the RAS 3 mountain front end for capability and light steering feel on- and off-trail. Optimized for crossover usage, two ski stance positions dial in handling: 40.2 in. (102 cm) or 38.4 in. (97.5 cm).



HPG-PLUS-R-FRONT_RenegadeXDigital Display
 Personalized adventure

Optional wide screen full-color display lets riders truly customize their ride from behind the bars. Choose your preferred sled info, and see app integrated information in a split-screen format with GPS, Bluetooth music, helmet-to-helmet communication and more.


 Bite hard

Deep keel design offers consistent predictable control on the trail. Wider profile provides ample flotation when you jump over the snow banks.



Running Boards
 Room to roam

Designed for aggressive stand-up riding, they are flatter for most of their length, wider and strong. Thicker aluminum sheet (3 mm vs. 1.8 mm), plus front and rear reinforcements to withstand tough landings.



 Easiest starting

Push-button starting with almost no added weight. After an initial pull-start, the engine charges an ultracapacitor. Pushing the handlebar SHOT button for subsequent starts uses energy stored in the ultracapacitor to turn the magneto into an electric motor that rotates the flywheel, and with E-TEC technology, starts the engine. Eliminates nearly 20 lb. (9 kg) compared to conventional electric start. SHOT starting is only possible with Ski-Doo-exclusive E-TEC technology.




Backcountry X
Sale Type
Engine Size
849 cc
Blue Orange Crush, Black
Rotax® 850 E-TEC
Fuel Tank
36 L / 9.5 US gal
Bore Stroke
82 mm - 80.4 mm
E-TEC® direct injection with additional booster injectors
Engine Details
Liquid-cooled, two-stroke, eRAVE™
Fuel Tank Octane
Premium unleaded - 91
Engine Horsepower
Cylinders Displacement
2 - 849 cc
Oil Tank Capacity 2 Stroke
3.4 L / 3.6 qt
Pilot™ DS 2
REV® Gen4
Trail performance
Electric, SHOT (opt. select configurations)
Narrow design
U-shaped aluminum with J-hooks / Transparent handguards
Riser Block Height
120 mm / 4.7 in.
Ski Stance
975 or 1,020 mm / 38.4 or 40.2 in.
Vehicle Overall Width
1,140 to 1,180 mm / 44.9 to 46.5 in.
Vehicle Overall Height
1,283 mm / 50.5 in.
Rear Shock
KYB† PRO 36 Easy-Adjust
Front Shock
HPG™ Plus
Center Shock
HPG™ Plus
Rear Suspension
Front Suspension
RAS™ 3
Rear Suspension Travel
239 mm / 9.4 in. (154, 165 in.)
Front Suspension Travel
220 mm / 8.7 in.
power train
Drive Sprocket Pitch
73 mm / 2.86 in.
Drive Clutch Driven Clutch
pDrive™ with clickers / QRS Vent Plus
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